About us

About Tuning

Who Weare

Company Background

Our idea is based on personal experience in F&B business which offers a variety of meals specialized and modified to fit your active lifestyle daily needs from a high credibility team. Affordability and convenience of the food is the heart of everything, our concept does on food quality, services and hospitality.


Our aim is to bring to market the tastiest healthy food and offering a real value, High standards of quality, and certified team of dietitians and nutritionists, in other words bringing the best experience and results to earn customers loyalty and trust.


Tuning is the perfect balance between daily meals and physical activities were you can put your trust to get your desired results, so no matter when you decide to change your lifestyle we will be there to guide you in the right direction.


introducing our brand, concept, and communicating with our customers through social media targeting all ages and genders, and by the trust and word of mouth of our clients.

Logo and Branding

Representing the modern/casual image visualizing the leaf and pulse design as the essence of our services which includes sports and diet consultation, healthy meals, and a gym.

The idea

Tuning is the perfect combination of a trendy Kuwaiti healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and commitment. We are providing our guidance for our clients to achieve their desired results through our well experienced team and services.


We provide our clients with the best services they can get so they can have the best experience in a unique atmosphere.

The Quality

in compliance with the international food safety standards, Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and ISO 22000:2005. We offer the highest product quality under controlled processing environment to make sure that our clients are getting the best food value and quality.

The design

Our design has been inspired by the modern/casual lifestyle to provide our clients with a comfortable experience.

The Menu

Our menu has been designed to fit all your cravings, we brought local, western, and international dishes and modified it with our modern/casual twist.
We offer a dynamic menu that will be changing and updated seasonly to meet our clients expectations.

Future Vision

Revolving around our clients to stay in touch with them, whether by expanding or by simply updating our dynamic menu and services to exceed the customer's expectations and satisfaction.


Compiling with our future vision and dynamic menu we will reach our customers regionally and internationally.